artist statement

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1960, my love of art was ignited by my grandfather, Liam O'Rinn, a painter of some renown who showed in Ireland and Europe before his untimely death.  I began my formal study of painting at the Dun Laoghaire School of Art and earned a BFA at the National College of Art and Design, Ireland. After making my way to New York City in 1983, to study further, I received a Masters in Fine Art with Honors from Hunter College (1986). In 2000, I relocated from New York City to the Hudson Valley, where I found the new surroundings visually compelling:  the Catskill Mountains, the Ashokan Reservoir, the deer, birds and flora.  My work since then has been a painterly, multilayered exploration of landscape and wild life in which the viewer is invited to share in the experience of careful observation of the natural world and its impact. On a 2012 visit to NYC, from the heights of our room at the Standard Hotel, I looked out the floor- to-ceiling windows and discovered a new landscape:  the endless expanse, light, and forms of the City.

Currently revisiting the figure and painting a series based on vintage snapshots, that I found in a local antique store. Each work represents a veiw into the past and if I've done my job, these characters are given new life and meaning.

‚Äčrecent show at Woodstock Framing Gallery

Woodstock Framing Gallery, Woodstock NY

"Crowley at WFG"

written by, Paul Smart

"Ulster Publishing, New York"

Her latest exhibition,"The Urban and Country Landscape," at the Woodstock Framing Gallery, Woodstock, New York, marries but contrasts the landscape of the Catskills with the cityscapes of Manhattan. And not in miniature, but big sweeping all-encompassing compositions that capture the drama of morning skies over the Ashokan Reservoir and local roadways busy with the traffic of folks returning home at dusk, along with the crowded vistas of Manhattan buildings, the city's street life a verdant buzz far below.